GM Fringe – The Golden Child

William Desmond has always considered himself the Golden Child. If you tell yourself you can ride a horse, or down a pint while juggling 5 balls or play the piano blindfolded then it must be true, right? William can do all these things. Will (now you’ve made It through the first paragraph you’re friends now) has always been the person that wanted to be the best at everything. But is being good at everything really the answer, or do we just want to be better people? Join the newest (obviously best) Golden Child of comedy cabaret, for an hour of musical theatre, sketches and other mediocre performances. As a Jack of all trades, but master of none, Will explains why being good at everything often isn’t the answer, because from personal experience, learning a new skill usually involves standing in a pair of pants in your bedroom whilst crying into a mirror. ★★★★★ “A true delight” – Mrs Desmond ★★ “My sisters dog can perform better than my son.” – Mr Desmond