Jojo Sutherland – Riches to Rags

7pm on Friday 11th October at Tribeca Manchester

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Previous shows from Jojo, now a director, producer, writer and international stand-up comedian, have looked at her life growing up in a castle with no money but always caviar in the fridge and her subsequent experiences, including having her house repossessed, having a brain hemorrhage and marrying her brother-in-law.

 These include ‘Funny Money’, ‘Jojo Sutherland Stands Up For Herself’ and ‘Jojo Sutherland in Conversation’ – but what’s the major life-altering, heart-wrenching event that’s been the most dramatic, emotional and unimaginable game-changer since her last stand-up performance at the Fringe in 2014?

 The past five years for Jojo and her family have been the biggest test yet – more life changing than anyone could ever have thought possible resulting in a show that is quite literally explosive.

 Tragedy plus time equals comedy – the time is now!

‘Will mesmerise and unnerve in equal measure’★★★★★ Broadway Baby

‘An easy-going conversational style with humour so interwoven it seems effortless’ ★★★★ Chortle

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