Sadia Azmat & Nobumi Kobayshi – Lost in Translation

Friday October 4th 8-9pm at Tribeca Manchester

Sadia is a British Asian comedian tackling sex, relationships and identity in her no holds barred style.
Host of BBC Sounds No Country For Young Women – nominated best new podcast at 2019 awards.
BBC Radio 2 ‘My Single Life’
‘Wonderfully subversive comedy’ Steve Bennett, Chortle
Nobby is not an average English man. Actually, not from England – and not even a man! So who is Nobby? In a state of existential angst, she talks about a variety of topics from Pokemon to politics, from an outlandishly quirky angle, coz she’s foreign, innit? ‘Too off-the-wall for Britain’s Got Talent’ Geoff Whiting.

Sadia Azmat is a stand-up comedian from East London. Wearing a headscarf she found a way of making herself even more diverse without realising what a nightmare of identity politics she was getting herself into. After making herself appear more visibly Muslim – terrorism really took off and she was kind of left stuck in the middle. With the narratives that resolve around Asian women being either those of the traditional victim or the so-called woke social justice warriors Sadia has never fit in.
This has been worsened by the secret shame she carried growing up of her father having two wives and trying to mother her mother with mental illness.

She never really got to live a life of her own for herself but is determined now to do just that – free of other people’s expectations and judgements. Join Sadia in finding out whether she gets the D or just keeps takings Ls.
Nobby is a Japanese comedian based in London. Having realised that she didn’t fit in, she left Japan for the sunny New Mexico, USA. Having realised that she didn’t fit in, she left Japan for the sunny New Mexico, USA. Being young and naive, she then moved to England only to learn that the grass really does look greener on the other side. After having lived in the city of cultural diversity for over twenty years, she’s now facing a serious dilemma – she still doesn’t fit in!