Save a pub scheme

Purchasing a drink voucher and share this link as much as you can, this will help increase Tribeca’s chances of surviving during COVID.

Click here to purchase a gift card, this can be used anytime within the 12 months after the COVID-19 lockdown has started

Budweiser has launched a new programme to help Britain’s pubs through coronavirus closures.

You can now purchase a gift voucher which can be used when Tribeca Manchester reopens from £10 up to the value of £100 and Budweiser with match that amount and give the money to the pub within a fortnight !!

(So if you purchase a £50 voucher you get that full amount to spend however we get £100 !! The scheme is capped at £1000 so first come first served to help us)

The vouchers can be exchanged for any products at TriBeCa Manchester (including tickets for events and current in house promotions)

Standard in house promotions:
5 bottles of budweiser for £10
4 jagerbombs £10
8 shots of cactus jacks or sours £10
bottle of ciroc and mixer £90
bottle of house champagne £35